Advanced Stroke Event​

Eastern Rosary” campaign in Al-Othaim Mall

“Eastern Rosary” campaign in Al-Othaim Mall In order to fulfill part of our social responsibility, the members of CMRC Hospital volunteered with the Saudi Cancer Society…

Eid Patient’s activities

CMRC organizes a a patient gift in EID From CMRC Hospital Eid’s activities with patients .

Raising initiative (Solidarity with You)

Raising initiative (Solidarity with You) in cooperation between CMRC Saudi Arabia Hospital and @Sa’waed By raising initiative (Solidarity with You) in cooperation between CMRC Saudi Arabia…


CMRC celebrations for the Saudi National Day CMRC Saudi Arabia Hospital, has celebrated the Saudi National Day with MOH in Dhahran MAll and giveaways has been…

Mother Day

CMRC Saudi Arabia celebration The Mother Days CMRC Hospital’s celebration of the symbol of giving and sacrifice, on Mother’s Day We extend our warmest congratulations to…

Mother’s Day Celebration

CMRC celebrating the Mother’s Day in its facilities It is the day of the year when to give back in return some little to an individual…

عندما يكون #النظام_الغذائي صحيحًا ، تصبح مناعتك معززة⁣
معًا من أجل مجتمع أكثر #صحة⁣


When #Diet is right, your #immunity is optimized⁣
Together for a Healthier community⁣


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تتمنى عائلة #سي_ام_ار_سي العربية السعودية للجميع عامًا جديدًا مليئًا بالسعادة والصحة والنجاح.

سنه جديده سعيدة

The family of #CMRC Saudi Arabia wishes everyone a new year full of happiness, health and success.

Happy new year

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قصص نجاح مرضانا

هم ليسوا فقط بمرضانا ولكن هم جزء من عائلة #سي_إم_آر_سي

Their happiness is our happiness
They are not only our #patients but they are part of the #CMRC family

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