Post Acute Rehabilitation

Post-Acute Rehabilitation is a temporary living program designed to help patients go home after finishing acute care. Usually, it allows patients undergoing a major surgical process or suffering a severe medical crisis to return to normal life. The primary objective of this rehabilitation program is to provide the patients such an environment that speeds up their recovery outside the hospital.

Table of Contents

Classification of Patients for Post-Acute Rehabilitation

Depending on their condition, the Post-Acute Rehabilitation patients are of three kinds. A brief detail of these is as under:

Medically Stable Post-Acute Patients Recovering from Injury or Illness

Medically Stable Post-Acute Patients Recovering from Injury or Illness

Usually, there are three kinds of illnesses or injuries that the patients suffer. These are:

  • Patients recovering from stroke or CVI patients
  • TBI patients or patients recovering from traumatic brain injury
  • Patients undergoing Spinal Cord Injury treatment or SCI patients

Medically Stable Post-Acute Patients Recovering from Chronic Conditions

  • It includes the patients recovering from various chronic diseases. There are four kinds of these patients who need rehabilitation.
  • Patients who are undergoing neurological disorder treatment
  • Multiple sclerosis patients
  • Patients suffering from motor neuron diseases that affect various movements
  • Neurodegenerative disease patients

Medically Stable Post-Acute Patients Recovering from Surgery

Patients undergoing surgery need Post-Acute Rehabilitation more than others because of their long-term inability to move in some instances. These patients include:

  • Pre/Post joint replacement (Patients undergoing knee, hip, or ankle surgery)
  • Shoulder surgery, mainly rotator cuff repair
  • The traumatic fracture that requires surgical fixation
  • Spinal surgery
  • Arthroscopy
  • The traumatic fracture requiring immobilization and traction
  • Reconstruction of limbs

Types of Post-Acute Rehabilitation Services

Depending on the rehabilitation services a patient needs, we can divide Post-Acute Rehabilitation into two categories.


It includes rehabilitation services provided to the patients before or after neurological disorders, diseases, or surgery. It includes:

  • Post-traumatic brain injury
  • Post Spinal cord injury
  • Neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis, motor neuron diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Post brain stroke patients

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

  • It includes the rehabilitation services provided to the patients undergoing musculoskeletal treatment. Musculoskeletal diseases are:
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Pre/Post joint replacement surgery
  • Traumatic fractures of all kinds
  • Spinal cord surgery
  • Arthroscopy, and
  • Limb reconstruction


The entire detail proves that Post-Acute Rehabilitation is vital to bring a patient to a normal lifestyle. It speeds up the recovery and enables the patients to perform their day-to-day activities like fellow human beings.



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