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CMRC Saudi Arabia, a state-of-the-art rehabilitative hospital in the Eastern Province of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is fully operational

In Q2 2019, Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation, the UAE’s leading post-acute rehabilitation and long-term care facility, announced the opening of…

Abdullah, an Emirati youth, a beacon of hope and a success story

On August 11, 2018, a 17-year-old Abdullah Al Mehrezi, being bedridden and developing spasticity in all four limbs due to…

Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center (CMRC) Admits First Patients to Its New Saudi Facility

The 60-bed medical facility provides the most recent rehabilitation care in line with 2030 Vision where the Health Sector in…

عندما يكون #النظام_الغذائي صحيحًا ، تصبح مناعتك معززة⁣
معًا من أجل مجتمع أكثر #صحة⁣


When #Diet is right, your #immunity is optimized⁣
Together for a Healthier community⁣


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تتمنى عائلة #سي_ام_ار_سي العربية السعودية للجميع عامًا جديدًا مليئًا بالسعادة والصحة والنجاح.

سنه جديده سعيدة

The family of #CMRC Saudi Arabia wishes everyone a new year full of happiness, health and success.

Happy new year

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قصص نجاح مرضانا

هم ليسوا فقط بمرضانا ولكن هم جزء من عائلة #سي_إم_آر_سي

Their happiness is our happiness
They are not only our #patients but they are part of the #CMRC family

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