Why Us?

At CMRC, we acknowledge all our patient’s needs. From improving their rehabilitation care to attending to their daily needs, down to the simplest of tasks. Our entire team is dedicated to amplifying patients and their family’s quality of life.



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The Largest Post Acute Provider in UAE & KSA

The Specialized Post-Acute Provider in UAE & KSA

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center is among the first Post-Acute Services in the GCC, featuring 3 facilities, , 2 of which are situated in the city of Abu Dhabi and city of Al Ain;

United Arab Emirates. Our third facility can be found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Dhahran. As a specialized provider in the GCC, Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center accommodates an extensive set of Rehabilitation services, such as Outpatient Rehab Programs, long-term care, Weaning from mechanical ventilation, post-acute Rehab. All of our services make the Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center the sole provider of such a wide range of treatments in the UAE & KSA.

Multidisciplinary Professionals

Our team of experts strives to provide hope by identifying crucial factors that will benefit the patient’s rehabilitation process. Our carefully selected team packed with multidisciplinary professionals are constantly striving to put the patients first and their families. They provide the necessary support and cater to their every need by using only the most viable and best solutions for a healthy recovery. That means combining the latest technology with experienced professionals of CMRC teams consisting of specialized therapists, case managers, talented nurses, general practitioners, and highly skilled physicians. Our experts are here to help patients overcome every obstacle along the way.

Quality of Care

Quality of Care

“Specialized Care provides exceptional patient outcomes”, Dr. Howard S. Podolsky. All in all, the Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center is here to amplify the patient’s quality of life, get their overall well-being back on track, and better the healing journey of every patient. As one of the most diverse facilities in the region, Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center, provides ultimate post-acute rehabilitation programs for both outpatient and inpatient services. All to help patients across the region who come to our facilities. To us, quality is most important.

Second Home Experience

Second Home Experience

The patient’s future depends on where they rehabilitate today. In our welcoming home setting, the Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center treats every patient equally – with dignity, respect, and care. Every member of our CMRC Team prioritizes their patients and treats them as if they are family. This creates the ultimate healing environment, making the patient feel at home. Besides, being surrounded by loved ones and specialized care creates a solid foundation for successful recovery. At our rehabilitation center, patients obtain specialized care and so much more.

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