Home Care

As always seeking to meet patients’ needs, in correspondence with Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center’s scope of work to add Quality of Life and revitalize hope to support in a true recovery journey of a patient. 

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center has introduced Home Healthcare services which will cater extensive and enriched tailor-made healthcare solutions to ease patients’ struggle at their doorsteps.

Table of Contents

What is Home Healthcare ?

With Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center Home HealthCare programs, patients will be receiving world-class care at the center of their comfort zone, at home. With highly qualified ascension teams of specialized licensed doctors, therapists, and skilled nursing teams, various of required home care services could be accommodated to patients who returned back home from post-surgery, encounter to a health condition, or after a rehabilitation program and in need of home care plans. 

Why is CMRC Home Healthcare important ?

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center’s Home Healthcare Services are important because it completes the ecosystem for the set of In-Patient or Out-Patient services provided at CMRC Facilities, and this is to continue being leaders in returning patients back to their home safely.

In line with the distinguishment as the only dedicated facility of a healthcare provider that certainly provides “Continuum of Care” this to conclude a full qualitative recovery journey of patients from Hospitalization/Rehabilitation facility and once back home to provide them a care plan that will also help in their re-integration into the community. With this vision, the Home Healthcare services of which Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center will be delivered to meet individualized needs of each patient. Assessments, follow-Ups, multi-disciplinary care with enabled – technology will be in access to reach where ever the patient is. To keep the support for families by providing care coordination, and community re-integration.

The Home Healthcare services will maintain and ensure the high level of quality of care patients will require to benefit from throughout their recovery journey at home among their beloved ones. This to grant patients and their families a feeling of comfortableness and certainty while receiving an outstanding care service.

Scope of CMRC Home Healthcare Services

Physician Services

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Consultation and Treatment
  • Prescription of Medications and Medical Devices
  • Assessment of Home Environment and Patient Safety
  • Educating and Counseling Patients
  • Specialized physicians’ visits

Skilled Nursing

  • Wound Care & Wound V.A.C.
  • IV Administration
  • Tube feeding/Stoma Care
  • Colostomy & Ostomy Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Medication Administration and Management
  • Chronic Illnesses Management
  • Post-acute care / Transitional care
  • Catheter Care
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Assistance with activities of daily living

Respiratory Therapy Services

Physical Therapy/Occupational therapy

  • Establish Home Exercise Program
  • Transfer and Gait Training
  • Functional Mobility Training
  • Safe Use of Adaptive Devices
  • Pain Management

Ambulance services

  • Follow up/check-up visits
  • Non-emergency patients transport

Why CMRC?​

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center is the specialized provider for Long-term Care and rehabilitation services in Saudi Arabia. With one main facilities in Saudi Arabia, which are designed in a rehabilitation and long-term care hospital with a capacity of 66 beds.

Cambridge provides an interdisciplinary clinical approach for Vent Rehabilitation Services which is customized for adults, adolescents, and children. The best rehabilitation services are not only our goal but our ultimate objective is to customize the care plan for each patient and make sure that the patient’s family and their members are integrated into the treatment plan.

When you joined Saudi Arabia hospital for any kind of our rehabilitation services or even for long-term care you will feel as if you are at #Your Second Home.