Ensuring the best quality of services to our patients requires dedication, commitment and recognition. CMRC proudly to acquire the top world accreditations to recognize the efforts beyond quality


CMRC Hospital Saudi Arabia was granted CBAHI accreditation on 10/01/2021

A healthcare facility is subject to testing of its systems, processes and performance by competent auditors and assessors, to ensure that they are conducted in a manner that meets the applicable pre-determined published national standards. Prior to the external evaluation - that is the evaluation visit - the health care facility should do a comprehensive self-assessment to determine its level of readiness and how far or close it is to achieving full compliance with the standards. Accreditation


We are pleased to announce CMRC Saudi Arabia Achievement of CARF Three years Accreditation for the following programs and services:
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs - Hospital – Adults
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs - Hospital - Children and Adolescents
  • Single Discipline Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation Programs - Adults
  • Single Discipline Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation Programs - Children and Adolescents

CMRC goal is to ensure that persons served remain at the center of the service delivery process.