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Planetree Inc.


Planetree, Inc. is a non-profit, mission-based organization that collaborates with healthcare organizations across the globe and the care continuum to revamp the way care is delivered to patients

Backed by more than 50,000 focus groups with staff, families, and patients, with more than 35 years of experience being in collaboration with healthcare organizations, Planetree has acquired a unique position to represent the patient’s voice and make headway in how experienced caregivers engage with patients and families.

Under the guidance of a foundation in 10 components of patient-centered care, Planetree informs policy on a national scale. It aligns its tactics at a system level, promotes sympathetic human interactions at a highly personal level, and pilots the application of care delivery practices at an organizational level. Our philosophical belief that patient-oriented care is the “right thing to do” is backed by an organized process that allows endurable change


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