Burns Rehabilitation: Levels and Recovery

Burns is one of the most commonly occurring injuries that destroy the affected skin cells. It’s more than just a burning sensation and it can lead to some serious health consequences. In some situations, immediate emergency medical care is required to keep the victim from permanent disabilities and even death.

Burn Levels

Primarily there are three different types of burns which are as followed:

  • First Degree Burns: Non-blistered red skin
  • Second-Degree Burns: Blisters along with the thickening of the skin
  • Third-degree Burns: white leathery appearance with a widespread thickness

Burn Rehabilitation

The severity of the burn defines the time that it will take to heal:

  • First-degree burns usually heal within several days and they also don’t cause scars
  • Second-degree burns take about 2-3 weeks and usually they leave scars that may fade away over time.
  • Third-degree burns can easily take several months or even years to heal and the patient will need a skin graft to deal with the scars.

When to See a Doctor?

You can treat your small first-degree burns at your home by immediately using cool (not cold) water. Applying antibiotic ointments, aloe vera, or honey on burns also helps. On the other hand, you must ask your doctor for a second-degree burn because it can cause infection, pus, and swelling.

As far as third-degree burns are concerned, you must call an ambulance to reach the hospitals as soon as possible.

Final Word

According to the NCBI study, found out that colling the first-degree burn with cool water and applying tea tree oil compresses the skin and allows it to heal better. But it’s important to consult with your doctor before practicing anything that you don’t fully understand.