Cardiac Rehabilitation

Effectiveness of Physiotherapy in post-operative Cardiac patients which improves pulmonary values in short-term Management. Physical Therapy has been playing a vital role in post-operative cardiac management.

The Aim of Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation is to indicate a good prognosis of pulmonary values which assures the efficient cardiac management and ADL activities. In this study we have opted for three phased pulmonary rehabilitation method. The expected result was obtained during third phase. The difficulties such as post-operative pulmonary complication are being managed and reduced in phase one and phase two.

The physiotherapy Management technique used is modified Postural drainage, Chest percussion, Mechanical Vibration, Incentive Spirometry, Relaxed deep breathing exercise and Forced expiratory technique such as Huffing /Coughing. Along with physiotherapy techniques Mobilization and free aerobic exercises are been used. Some special technique such as Auto drainage, Manual Hyperinflation and Respiratory Muscle training are being utilized.

Post-operative exercises as follow in which the patient was extubated from ventilator, physio was started. The incentive Spirometry was used to assess the status of patient and according to Spiro metric value the physical therapy management was planned.

  • It is usually prescribed to patients while in the hospital and post hospital admission care
  • optimizing physical function in patients with cardiac disease or recent cardiac surgeries.
  • Physiotherapist can perform coughing, huffing and other forced expiratory techniques to remove secretions and improve airway clearance.
  • Individualized care plan to maintain strength and level of function
  • Postural draining is performed to improve airway clearance.
  • Improve exercise tolerance and quality of life.

Physiotherapy can perform inspiratory muscle training exercise along with gait training activities, advising patient about do’s and don’ts and assessing METS expenditure scale with ADL. The patient joint the group exercise therapy will also gain psychological, physiological, prognosis in all three phase of cardio pulmonary rehabilitation.

Conclusion: The Physical Therapy Management technique used is Modified postural drainage, Chest percussion, Incentive spirometry, Relaxed Deep Breathing exercise, Mechanical vibration, cough and huff, In Phase Two and phase three along with physiotherapy techniques mobilization and free aerobic exercise are used. Some special techniques such as Auto Drainage ,Manual hyperinflation and Respiratory muscle Training are being utilized to fulfill the aim of helping patients in producing an effective pulmonary value after surgery.