How Guardians Can Help Their Child and When to Seek Help

Parents, guardians, and other primary caregivers have a responsibility to protect the wellbeing of children. As adults, they have to make sure that children are in a safe and caring environment so that the children can one day grow to be responsible, functioning members of society.

Prioritizing a Child’s Development

One thing that guardians can do to lookout for children’s developmental growth and wellbeing is by first making themselves aware of the developmental milestones they are expected to have or acquire at a certain age. If guardians notice that the child is behind in verbal or written language skills, they should refer the child to tutors. If a child throws massive tantrums or exhibits problematic behavior like biting classmates, then they should work closely with the teacher and school counselor to address this issue.

Note: not all guardians are experts at child development; however, there are options and professionals they can turn to for help. Guardians should be mindful not to overstep their boundaries, and therefore know who to turn to for specific concerns. Here are some examples:

  • Academic concerns: teachers, tutors
  • Mental wellbeing: counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist
  • Developmental delays: developmental pediatrician

When to Seek Professional Help

Children should be brought to professionals if they struggle to cope with problems and appear to be unable to resolve problems in their own capacity. In these instances, it is highly recommended that guardians seek the intervention of professionals (with the consent of the parents). In counseling, children might learn skills like expressing their thoughts and feelings and communicating with their peers. By seeking early intervention, children will acquire knowledge and skills that they can use as they encounter problems when growing up.

A Team for the Child

It takes the combined effort of the parents, guardians, teachers, and other professionals to help a child as they grow and learn to overcome life’s challenges. It is important to make sure that the child’s primary caregivers are aligned and are working towards the same goal.

Professional Help Can Work Wonders

Whether you are concerned about a child’s mental wellbeing or cognitive development, it is always best to pay attention to their behavior. Keep in mind that children are still growing and might not be able to express themselves well. Guardians should pay attention to a child’s behavior and check for unhealthy patterns and possible developmental delays.

Seeking help to address these concerns can help children cope with challenges as they grow up and get exposed to new environments and experiences.