Learning Disability

Learning disability, sometimes called learning disorder, is a term used to describe various learning problems, such as the inability to read, write, spell, or reason. This neurological disorder makes people struggle with one or different areas of learning. Although it is usually detected in school-age children, this disability affects people of all ages, and some people live with it all through their life without knowing they have this problem.

What are the signs of a learning disability?

The symptoms of a learning disability differ from one person to the other. Some may struggle with reading out texts, while others find it hard to understand math. There is no single sign that can be looked at as proof of the disability. However, some of the signs below may indicate that your child has a learning problem:

  • Difficulties pronouncing words
  • Struggling to find the right words at all times
  • Difficulties learning shapes, numbers, alphabets, and more
  • Trouble solving word problems and understanding mathematical concepts.

Reading more about learning disabilities, talking to other parents, or seeking professional help is the best way to detect or support your child if you feel they have a learning disorder.