Women’s Health

Healthy living is the best way for women to improve their wellbeing, live more happily, and enjoy a longer, healthier life. However, many women get lost in their ocean of daily activities and forget to prioritize their health. A recent survey showed that 15.6% of women aged 18 and above are in poor or fair health status.

Additionally, a study revealed that heart diseases are the leading cause of women’s death. The good news is that women can significantly improve their health by exercising, eating a balanced diet, taking supplements, and doing routine check-ups. Hence, exercising is essential for women who want to reduce their risk of suffering heart diseases.

Additionally, eating balanced diets gives women the vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients needed for their growth and development. Lastly, experts have also suggested that excessive stress impacts women’s health negatively, so women must limit the things that expose them to stress.